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Also known as 'the land of a thousand hills', Rwanda is a landlocked country full of lovely and a variety of landscapes. The spectacular Virunga volcanic mountains have high altitude forests, world-famous mountain gorillas, and Lake Kivu offers beautiful beaches, jutting peninsulas and an archipelago of islands. Many visitors have been mesmerized by the Rwandese sense of humor and their way of living together its only 10 years after the genocide that threatened to shatter the social fabric of the country. Reconciliation has not been easy. Upon assuming office, the Government of National Unity inherited a deeply scarred nation. To set Rwanda's recent history in a context, you need to go as far back as the late 13th century when pastoral Tutsi tribes arrived from the south and conquered the agricultural Hutu and hunter-gatherer Twa inhabitants of Rwanda, establishing a feudal kingdom. A unified state was established by King Kigeri Rwabuguri during the 19th century, but this lasted only until 1890 when Rwanda was annexed as a province of German East Africa. As part of the post-WWI settlement, Belgium was granted the right to govern Rwanda-Burundi. The Belgians sponsored the continued dominance of the Tutsi minority at the expense of the Hutu but were forced, in the 1960s, to concede independence under majority Hutu rule. Intercommunal violence between Hutus and Tutsis continued. In 1973, Major-General Juvenal Habyarimana led a bloodless coup and established a Hutu-dominated military government. A few years later, the country’s sole political party was founded, dominated by Hutus. Sporadic fighting resumed in the early 1990s. Hutu extremist armed militias set about the systematic murder of Tutsis. It’s estimated that approximately 800,000 people were killed. From their bases in Uganda, the Rwandan Patriotic Front launched a full-scale invasion, but the bulk of the Hutu militia had fled to the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo a fact that has crafted a violent rift between the two countries. Nevertheless, the Rwandese are not only living together today but they are striving to be recognized as one people. Rwanda is a country of unimaginable beauty and such beauty defies its violent past: may it continue to defy it forever. White water rafting on the Nile (The 2nd Longest River in the world) The White Nile Makes the legendary Zambezi look small. The roar of the rapids drift upstream with the gentle breeze and wooden canoes laden with excited locals congregate in the calm waters anxious to see the rafts in action. Rafts explode through huge walls of whitewater and adrift through warm green pools in the equatorial sunshine. This is whitewater rafting at its very best. Each trip is accompanied by an oar-powered raft which we fondly call the suntan raft. The guide will row you down the river, tackle the smallest waves and very seldom flip. All you have to do is hold on and work on your tan. Safety and Risk Management. Safety is our priority with the help of Adrift and they lead the field with our proactive approach to the management of risk. Adrift has internationally qualified guides are carefully chosen based on their skill, experience and their ability to address the need and expectations of each individual client. Adrift has the most experienced team on the continent (with over 100 years combined experience) and all guides are comprehensively trained in CPR, wilderness first aid and swift water rescue. “We can not eliminate the risk but we do our best to minimize it.” Don’t miss this adventure when you visit Uganda, Spend at least a half day rafting on the Nile and you won’t regret your visit in Uganda. Access Africa Safari can help in making reservations and organizing the rafting safari for you. Remember you can Raft as Many times as you want.

Transport in Uganda

Domestic Public Buses

These 70 seater buses move between the different towns in Uganda to and from Kampala and others go as far as Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Congo, and Sudan. There are many bus operators but usually only one operator on a particular route. The bus park is between the old and new taxi parks in Kampala and other private stations that operate regionally. From outlying regions buses pick up just about anywhere in town and will circle the town touting for passengers. Buses depart Kampala in the mornings with often several departures for you to consider on major routes. You will need to buy a ticket from the bus company booth in the Kampala bus park but do this only on the day of departure. Check the day before though to ascertain the time of departure. Buses tend to depart however when full. Away from Kampala to other destinations in Uganda only purchase your ticket when on the bus half way to your destination.


The Uganda Post Bus that has also been introduced just of recent these offer transport services to the different parts of the country at relatively subsidized rates.

Mini Bus Taxis commonly known as the Matatus

Matatus are the people's transport in and around the city. They go everywhere and surprisingly enough where they don't go or reach the pick-up truck does. Matatus are shared 14 seater vehicles, commonly white Toyota mini buses with a blue band painted horizontally around
the body. Fares are reasonable but they tend to be more expensive than using the public bus over a similar distance. They are fast, numerous, dangerous and away from Kampala heavily overloaded. The police control passenger numbers very effectively around Kampala. However up country finding yourself as one of 20 plus inside the vehicle would not be uncommon.

Ask fellow passengers what the fare should be. The conductor collects passengers’ fares in the vehicle however, it is usual to pay only when your journey is nearly complete. To stop the vehicle one has inform the conductor who communicates to the driver 'STAGE'. Getting out of
the vehicle is a game of musical chairs and no-one appears to mind the inconvenience.

Pick Up Truck

When the roads are just too rough for the Matatus or passenger traffic busses, this becomes the domain of the Pick up truck and these are found on routes in rural locations where transportation is a means of getting produce to market.

Motor Bike Taxi (Boda-boda), special Hire taxes are among the transportation around Uganda.


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Uganda with its vast expanses of Birds, Gorillas, Chimpanzees,Lakes and Rivers,overflowing with wildlife, must surely rank as one of Africa's ultimate safari destinations. The Bwindi Impenetrable Forest (& Mgahinga Mountain Gorillas ) and Kibale National Park are the two not to be missed destinations...........More.......

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