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Below are the different travel packages that we offer in Uganda. Better known as the "Pearl of Africa, gifted by nature," Uganda has a lot to offer and by choosing us to show you the country's gems, we can guarantee and assure you that you will have made the right choice.We offer several safaris in Uganda . Our tours cater for various interests. Our offers include gorilla trekking tours, chimpanzee tracking adventures, willdife safaris, cultural tours etc

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Below are the top safari offers for Uganda. These trips are available in any time of the year. Click on the link for a detailed itinerary and booking details

Activentures3 Day Bwindi Gorilla Tour - Gorilla tracking is ranked as one of the best and most exciting safari experience worldwide. The 3 Day Uganda Gorilla safari gives you an opportunity to witness this magical experience of gorilla tracking. Out of the 750 remaining gorillas worldwide, Uganda is a home to 360, which is half of the world total population. This makes Uganda the ultimate Gorilla Safari destination in Africa.

3 Day Queen Elizabeth - 3 days (2 nights) game viewing holiday in Queen Elizabeth, one of the oldest national parks in Uganda. The parks has about 100 mammals and over 606 bird species recorded in its territory. It is among the best parks for game viewing! Expect to see other primate species such as the Red tailed monkeys Vervet, Black and White colobus monkeys, olive baboons and Giant forest hog, also butterflies.


3 Day Murchison Falls Tour - The 3 day Uganda Safari to Murchison falls National park will offer you great opportunities to explore most of Uganda's wildlife. Expect to take a big game drive in the park in search for animals like Elephant, Buffalo, Hyenas, Uganda Kobs, Lion, Leopard, and many more. Also expect to see over 450 bird species along the boat trip to the bottom of the falls.


3 Day Kibale Primates Tour - Kibale Forest is located in Western Uganda in Kabalore District. It is famous for the highest concentration of primates in Africa. The 3 days tour gives you the opportunity to enjoy the incredible experience of primates tracking in Kibale Forest along side with excellent bird watching.



4 Day Gorilla Safari - Special trip for mountain gorilla lovers! Track the mountain gorillas twice in Bwindi Forest. Gorilla permits are included in the price of this package. The activity is tiresome, it involves walking along steep hilly tracks however encountering these great relatives of man erases all the poor memories



5 Day Bwindi, Kibale Forest - A 5 day primates adventure combining both mountain gorilla tracking in bwindi Forest and chimpanzee tracking. Both rainforests are promising and the adventure is quite interesting. Tracking can take 2-9 hours depending on their movements. You will penetrate the impenetrable forest; climb steep, muddy and slippery grounds of the jungle till you meet the gorillas camouflaged in the vegetation.


5 Day Bwindi, QENP - The 3 day Uganda Safari to Queen Elizabth National park will offer you great opportunities to explore most of Uganda's wildlife. Expect to take a big game drive in the park in search for animals like Elephant, Buffalo, Hyenas, Uganda Kobs, Lion, Leopard, and many more. Also expect to see about 610 bird species along launch cruise along the Kazinga Channel, famous for the highest concentration of hippos in Africa..


5 Day Bwindi, Lake Mburo - The 5 Day Uganda gives you the opportunity to stay closer to the endangered, hamble and rare mountain Gorillas, and also explore the hidden treasures of Lake Mburo National Park. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park inhabits about 360 mountain gorillas, which is half of the world's total population of about 700 mountain gorillas.



7 Day Uganda Adventure - See all Uganda's majpr tourist attractions on this 7 days (6 nights) adventure holiday that combines gorilla tracking, chimpanzee tracking and game viewing in Uganda. Relax around the swimming pool, and then visit the Baboon cliffs, volcanic formations and Katwe Salt works, one of the oldest salt mines in Uganda for a glimpse into traditional salt mining.


10 Day Pearl of Africa Tour - This is one of the best Uganda safaris. On this adventure packed holiday, see all the most promising places in Uganda and engage in various activities. From white water rafting to gorilla trekking this is one of the best holiday to take. Here you will see the calm Nile forcing its self through a narrow gorge to fall a distance of about 43 meters down producing a thunderous roar of white water

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Uganda with its vast expanses of Birds, Gorillas, Chimpanzees,Lakes and Rivers,overflowing with wildlife, must surely rank as one of Africa's ultimate safari destinations. The Bwindi Impenetrable Forest (& Mgahinga Mountain Gorillas ) and Kibale National Park are the two not to be missed destinations...........More.......

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